How to Select and Change Your Car Battery

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How to Select and Change Your Car Battery

Is your car having trouble starting? Have you noticed your headlights getting dimmer and dimmer every day, or has your vehicle backfired more than once in the same week? All of these are signs of a foul car battery, and if you have come across one or more of these issues, it is time to get a new battery for your car!

The life span of car batteries, unfortunately, is not infinite. Modern car batteries last longer than those in olden times, yes, but the advancement in technology also means the advancement of cars, so the burden on batteries has increased likewise. They need to be more efficient than ever. In fact, flat or dead batteries are among the leading reasons for which people call in car workshops and breakdown services.

You don't have to wait for a total breakdown to happen. By keeping an eye on your battery and regularly checking its condition, you can identify the early signs of an impending battery failure. Symptoms such as dim interior lights or a sluggish engine turnover are clues that can help you recognize when your battery needs repair. You can then get your car battery tested by an automobile electrician or at a car service garage and find out at the right time if you need to replace and update your car battery. A good workshop can help you suggest the most suitable battery for your car.

Selecting the Best Car Battery

Looking for the best car battery available on the market can become a very arduous process, especially when it is your first time looking for one. A simple google search will lead you to a plethora of articles filled with complicated and mostly outdated and useless tips. With hundreds of brands boasting about the batteries they manufacture as being the best, how can you make the right choice?

To be honest with you, the answer to this question is not one size fits all. The best approach is to find out about the exact specifications you need in your car battery and then look for companies that provide these specifications in a suitable price range. Before buying from any brand, do your research and read reviews so that you can be sure about their batteries having a good track record.

What should you expect from a quality car battery?

An ideal car battery is not only durable and dependable; it is also highly compatible with your car. Other than strength, you might want to look for a battery with a large reserve capacity. To find the most reliable battery, check the cold cranking amp ratings that the model of your car needs and search for a battery with a CCA rating that exceeds that value.

It is also necessary to check the warranties of the battery models you’re considering- go for the one with the best warranty offer. Most importantly, check the manufacturing date and pick only the car batteries that are six months old at most for optimal car performance. (You can find the date of manufacturing inscribed through a code present on the battery itself).

Services for battery replacement and maintenance

If you think your battery just needs a quick repair, you can look for car repair services in your area. You will find many service stations, mechanics, cheap car workshops, etc. with one click of a button. Simply type “car service near me" in your search bar, and the internet will show you many great service providers that will check or replace your car battery for you.

They can also send mechanics all the way to your home to repair your car battery and save you both time and effort!

How to replace your car battery?

Now that you have either chosen a new battery for your car or gone through the process of car battery repair, it is time for the next step. Installing the car battery might seem like an overwhelming task because batteries are a complicated piece of electronic equipment and must be handled with great care. You might be afraid that if you mess up during this process, it may end up damaging your car or the battery in some way. While it is true that this task is to be done with great care, installing a new battery in your vehicle is a pretty straightforward job, and you are perfectly capable of doing it in your garage on a fine Sunday morning.

However, before you start, please take the necessary precautions for your own safety. Wear gloves and eye protection (e.g., safety goggles) whenever you’re dealing with batteries. It is recommended that you use a memory saver, but that's not necessary. If you skip on using it, you may need to reset your car’s electronics such as the radio and the clock when you're done.

Removing the old car battery:

Go through the user manual of your car to find out the exact location of the battery. It is usually found under the hood in newer vehicles. You can also check under the trunk, under the floorboard, or behind a wheel well where it might be tucked away out of sight.

Recognize the post signs and the cables attached to these negative and positive posts. The positive post might have some kind of indication to help you identify it, such as it may be covered in red plastic, and the cable attached to it will be red in color. A plus '+' symbol is also present next to the post in most cases.

Using a wrench, turn the nut or bolt that holds the negative terminal and cable to the negative battery post together to loosen them. While doing this, take care not to allow any metal objects to touch both battery posts at the same time, and also don't let your wrench connect the positive terminal and your body or the fender at the same time. This will keep you safe from any electric shocks.

After the nut is loose, remove the cable and the terminal from the negative battery post using the terminal puller. Repeat the same method with the positive terminal and positive battery post.

Then you need to remove the clamp or any retaining system that is holding the battery in its place. Keep the parts and fasteners safe during this so that you don’t spill or misplace them.

Now, you can lift the battery. Be careful in raising it, and make sure that you don't let it shuffle and shake too much during the lifting process. Be mentally prepared for the battery to be slightly heavy and lift with a stable grip. If the posts are present on top of the battery, and not on the sides, use a battery carrying strap to make the lifting process easy for you.

Installing the new car battery:

Check the terminals that are attached to the battery cables and make sure they are clean. You want them to be corrosion-free. If they don't seem clean, use the terminal cleaning tool. It is a specific tool that can be fixed over the post and has a special brush that can fit inside the clamp. In case you do not have this tool available, a wire brush can clean the terminals too. It is essential to have clean posts and clamps because the cleaner they are, the better will be your battery's connection.

Position the battery in such a way that the positive or red post will match up to the positive terminal and the positive cable’s location.

Now carefully insert the new battery and secure it with the clamp or the retaining system that you removed from the old battery.

Remove the plastic coverings of the battery posts. Do not forget to install the anti-corrosion washers over them for their protection.

Deposits of white/greenish white corrosion can hinder the battery from getting charged, so it is vital to keep the battery posts and terminals pollution-free. You can use anti-corrosion grease, which is primarily available to prevent these deposits. Apply the special grease in thin layers on the posts and terminals, then connect the positive terminal to the positive post. Repeat this process for the negative cables and secure the negative terminal with the negative post in the same way.

After connecting the battery, try to wiggle it a little. If it’s still moving, you need to tighten the clamps that are holding it. Congratulations! You have now finished installing your first ever car battery. Now you can drive around in your car without the fear of being stranded in the middle of nowhere due to a flat car battery. However, your job is not entirely done yet. Being a car owner is like a regular job, and you have to take care of your car and your new battery the same way you did before. Take your car for regular maintenance checks. You can simply search “auto service centre near me” to find various service providers and then choose one that is the most feasible for you. Remember, a healthy battery means a healthy car!

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