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The Complete Guide to Car Detailing for Beginners (Like a Pro)

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Detailing a car has always been one of the most anticipated things to do! It's almost like adding makeup to your vehicle and breathing a new life into it. No matter how old or dilapidated your car may be, detailing can add a new dynamic to it and restore the old glory. Going into a car work-shop for many car enthusiasts and teenagers and seeing the cosmetics take a revamp is the ultimate pleasure!

However, what if we could tell you that you can pull it off yourself, without the need of a car workshop, sounds intriguing, right!? Well, let's mentor you on top-notch car detailing methods that will carve the look you always desired. Based on our business experience, this blog is penned to help you bring your imagination into reality!

What is car detailing?

Car detailing refers to a string of procedures performed to thoroughly clean a vehicle and manage the damaged or faulty parts. It can include new paint jobs, protection against external damage, and tuning the damage resulting from vicious use.

With new high-end products and numerous detailing services, it has quickly become a lucrative industry that is always in spectacular demand. People view car detailing as a remedy to fight conditional weather damage and strengthen the longevity of their investment. Today, there is a product for just about everything, from the windows to the bonnets!

Such high demand has allowed various car detailing workshops to take advantage of the opportunity and exploit buyers worldwide. Although we believe that having bagged extensive experience and expertise, we can do the job with greater precision, it shouldn't stop you from trying to do it yourself!

First and foremost

car detailing

The first rule for any car detailing is the belief that you can do it! You need to approach the job with confidence that you can still do an excellent job no matter how tough it may be. Based on this mindset, you won't be overtaken by pressure when something goes wrong, and you will be set to do it with ease.

And believe us, as you advance into the task, you will see everything coming into place, just like a magician’s trick! So let's get started.

Start By Evaluating Your Car

Before you do anything, you need to identify what are the things you will be dealing with. This includes the intensity of the detailing and stuff that needs to be replaced or tuned. Over the years, on the dint of extensive and exhaustive use, mechanical components and parts can get clogged or damaged and affect the overall car performance.

Therefore, once you have evaluated everything that must be changed or dealt with, you have taken the most crucial step! This is because now you will be set to attain the right equipment, estimate the cost, and evaluate the time everything may take. Planning forms the mood for things to roll!

This is a practice that we also perform at our car detailing Singapore workshop as it helps us communicate the intricate details about the work to our customers. Thus, we want you to do the same and make things easier down the road.

Evaluation of Your Car’s Interior


Interior is something that you will interact with most often. With time, everything from seats to mats to the information cluster can get greasy or dusty. Kids eating snacks can ruin the entire grace and your experience with the car. After all, no one wants to sit in a greasy or dirty mess!

Therefore, you need to see if you have detailed your interior before or not. If no, then it will take some time to vacuum the dust on mats and seats. You may need to get hands-on with a cleaning product to get rid of stiff stains and grease in some cases. Using a bristle brush is an excellent way to reach out to corners and crevices. Also, remove and wash the mats to get rid of dust.

Moreover, if your car is subject to being a collector for unnecessary toys or wrappers, having a dustbin nearby will help you clean it up. If you notice any foul odor, you should find an odor removal product or spray that will restore freshness to your vehicle.

As you progress, you will see just how things take a turn, and everything starts to look better. In every detailing, that's the key.

Evaluation of Your Car’s Upholstery

Now, you need to approach all those hard surfaces where dust accumulates and looks awful. Using a microfiber cloth, damped in a cleaner, run smooth strokes to exfoliate the agents out of the surface.

On soft surfaces like door panels, do the same but with lesser intensity to ensure that you don't damage the fragile stuff. For the porous parts, using a bristle brush is an excellent way to reach deep and exterminate everything that may have been.

Seats are tormented the most! They pick the most stains, footprints, grease, and even sausages while eating in the car. You should repeat the same with your seats, too; however, in some instances, you will have to accentuate the intensity by which you use the brush and stroke.

Working for years in the car upholstery repair business, we have understood the significance of a brilliant upholstery revamp as it can bring a smile to just about any person.

Closely Inspect For Imperfections

When you have effectively washed your car, after ensuring that there is no need for a new paint job, you need to watch out for any imperfection that the exterior may possess. Washing it will eliminate all water and dirt stains while also ensuring that there are no contaminants.

Imperfections can include stains, scratches, and dents. Scratches can be dealt with using a scratch remover polish and later applying a grease elbow. These two things will take care of the most scratches you can come across.

Check Your Tires And Wheels


Wheels can acquire a significant level of wear and tear. They can become brown, dull, and rough when neglected from frequent use of wax and polish. This can be a huge detriment in degrading the car’s value as its road grip and friction with the surface are hampered.

Therefore, you need to inspect the condition of your tires. An A-grade cleaner and a bristle brush will extricate accumulated dirt, while a polish will restore the degraded finish and texture. Taking care of the tire will massively improve the overall performance and efficiency of the vehicle. While a car workshop can always do it with perfection, you can still do an essential job all by yourself.

Evaluation of Your Car’s Exterior

Even though you may have washed your car and devoted an hour to it, there can still be left some variety of contaminants, including brake dust, grease, oil, and bug splatter. Using a clay lubricant will address the problem and ensure that the outside surface is as smooth as possible.

All that matters is the fact that there must be left zero room for imperfection, especially when you have allocated so much time for the job.


Upon polishing your car with utmost care and handling, you need to wax the surface to yield the maximum benefits. While applying a wax may seem like a very tough job, you can do it with excellent attention-to-detail. Waxing acts like an added layer of protection that will keep the value of your vehicle heightened.

Waxing will protect your car against harmful U.V rays while also keeping the paint in pristine condition. This means your vehicle will be set to look fantastic in many years to come!


Your mirrors and glass must look sublime! There must be no scratches or hints of damage. This is because such things can degrade the driver’s viewability and hamper the experience. Therefore, using a scratch remover and cleaner will restore the old life to these transparent surfaces while ensuring the driver gets maximum viewability.

Car window tinting is something that many people tend towards, thanks to its ability to protect seats, upholstery, and overall interior. However, you need to acquire a dedicated team's expertise to do that because this process is marked with a great need for precision and perfection.


Engine repair can yield excellent on-road performance and change the entire outlook of your experience. You need to rinse the engine bay with a garden hose and use a degreaser. Next, upon opening the fuel box, you need to use a foam cleaner to get rid of grease and clogged oil.


Every car spray paint shop uses a polish to add shine and smoothness to the surface. You need to do precisely that with a top-notch polish that will ensure that your newly detailed car appeals to every eye on the road. The finish is integral in topping off your efforts with the ingredients they deserve!

Just follow all the techniques and see everything shaping up to be an exact match of your imagination!